revised programme of 5th & 7th sem 2017 exam date

kolhan university chaibasa(examination department) has announced the revised programme of B.Tech 5th Semester (2015-19) & 7th Semester (2014-18) Examination 2017

(A).In light of the Office Memo No; KU/R/1493/17 dated 14.12.2017 and in supersession of previous notification No.13436-13442/17 dated 11.12.2017, the revised programme of B.Tech 5th Semester (2015-19) & 7th Semester (2014-18) Examination 2017 is scheduled as follows:-

Reporting Time: 12.30 P.M

Time: – 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.


Date Sem. Subject Code Subject Branch


5th HS-1501 Management Science CSE/ECE/EE
HS-1502 Management Science CIVIL/EEE/




7th EC-1712 Photogrammetric &  Remote Sensing CIVIL
CS-1701 Software Engineering CSE
EC-1701 Optical Communication ECE
EE-1701 Computer Aided Power System EEE/EE
ME-1701 Computer Aided Design ME
MT-1701 Heat Treatment of Metals & Alloys MTE


5th CS-1501  Formal Language &  Automata Theory CSE
EC-1501 Electronic instrumentation ECE
EE-1501 Analog Electronics EEE/EE
ME-1502 Product Development ME
MT-1501 Iron Making MTE
CE-1501 Transportation Engineering CIVIL


7th CE-1713 Water Resource Engineering CIVIL
CS-1702 Object-Oriented Prog. & Methodology CSE
EC-1702 Digital Signal Processing ECE
EE-1702 Network Synthesis EEE
EE-1702 Process Control & Instrumentation EE
ME-1702 Numeric Control of Machine Tools & Robotics ME
MT-1702 Foundry Technology MTE


5th CE-1502 Structural Analysis-II CIVIL
CS-1502 Computer Network CSE
CS-1512 Computer Organization ECE
EE-1502 Control Engineering EEE/EE
ME-1503 Machine Design-I ME
MT-1502 Principal of physical Metallurgy-I MTE


7th CE-1702 Steel Structures-I CIVIL
CS-1703 Data Base Application Design CSE
EC-1703 MicroElectronic Devices & VLSI Tech. ECE
EE-1703 Power System Protection & Switch Gear EEE/EE
ME-1703 Automobile Engineering ME
MT-1703 Physics of Metals MTE


5th CE-1503 Concrete Structures-I CIVIL
CS-1503 Relational Data Base Systems CSE
EC-1502 Communication System-I ECE
EE-1503 Electrical Machines-II EEE/EE
ME-1504 Dynamics of Machines ME
MT-1503 Non-Ferrous Metallurgy MTE


7th Open Elective-I Open Elective-I (Operation Research Tech.) CIVIL
Open Elective-I (E-Commerce, St.IT Mgt.) ME/ECE/


Open Elective-I (Technology Management) ECE/CSE/EEE/ME
Open Elective-I (E-Commerce Strategic IT


Open Elective-I (E-Commerce Strategic IT




5th CE-1504 Geo-Tech.Engg.-I CIVIL
CS-1504 Operating System-I CSE
EC-1503 Microprocessor Theory ECE
EE-1504 Power System-II EEE/EE
ME-1505 Manufacture science-II ME
MT-1504 Testing of Materials MTE


7th CE-2759 Professional Elective-I (Pre Stress Concrete


CE-2758 Professional Elective-I Earth Quake Engg.
CE-2750 Professional Elective-I Bridge Engg.
CS-2705 Professional Elective-I (Distributed


EC-2714 Professional Elective-I (Optical Network) / ECE
ECE-VII Professional Elective-I (Speech Signal



EC-2714 Professional Elective-I Computer Network
HS-2725 Professional Elective-I (Non-Conventional

Energy Sources)

ME-2732 Professional Elective-I (Energy Engineering Professional Elective-I Total Quality


MT-1705 Professional Elective-I (Physical Chemistry

of Iron & Steel Making)



5th CE-1505 Environment Engg.-I CIVIL
CS-1505 Micro Processor Based System Design CSE
EC-1504 Automatic Control System Design ECE
EE-1505 Digital Electronics & Logic Design EEE/EE
ME-1506 Heat & Mass Transfer ME
MT-1505 Mechanical Engg. MTE

(B).    Centre of Examination

Name of the College Name of Centre Name of the centre Supdt.
1. R.V.S. College, of Engg. & Tech.


B.A.College of Engg. & Tech., Jamshedpur Principal,

B.A.College of Engg. & Tech.,


2. B.A. College of Engg. & Tech.


3. Maryland Institute of Tech. & Mgt., Jamshedpur

R.V.S. College, of Engg. & Tech. Jamshedpur Principal,

R.V.S.College of Engg. & Tech,


4. Chaibasa. Engg. College, Chaibasa

(Techno India)

G.C.Jain Commerce College, Chiabasa Principal,

G.C.Jain Commerce College, Chaibasa.



  1. Provision of the conduct of examination Act 1981 and directive of the Hon’ble High Court, Patna dated 22.12.1995 will be strictly implemented for the fair conduct of Exam.
  2. In case of stay out/ walkout /mass scale of unfair means, there will be no re-examination and Zero marks will be awarded.

3.   misprint regarding examination programme in the newspaper, In this case, the                    University is not likely to be responsible and no re-examination will be held. The examinees concerned are therefore directed to verify the examination programme

from their respective college.

4. In case of gross indiscipline by the examinees (Assault to invigilators or any person, tearing of answer books, forcible prevention of other examinees from appearing at the examination and damage to property etc.) they will make themselves liable to be debarred from examination may also lead to their rustication

Source: Kolhan University


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